Wednesday, January 24, 2007

:: circa 1972 ::

So, My sister has been scanning in all of our family photos, much to her own chagrin probably.

Circa 1972
My dad, after probably exhuastive research, learned that 35mm was the highest quality film he could shoot, shot 1000s of photos in a format doomed to bore every dinner guest to walk into our family home.

Skip to 2006
My sister sends this photo. It moves me to tears. It's a photo of me as an infant being held by my grandmother, and she just as the most earnest look on her face, I suppose the image needs to be larger. But it's not the typical "Smile you're feeding the baby" kind of photography art direction my dad is known for.

But I still can't help to think that in this photo:

1. Richard Nixon was president of the United States
2. Roe v. Wade, was being decided in the Supreme Court
3. Our TV had four channels ... NBC, ABC, CBS, PBS, WOR (like fox only more ghetto and decidedly less simpsonesqe)
4. In order to change said channel, one had to get up off their rear end to turn the dial.
5. The word video game was incomprehensable — Atari was still 6 years off.
6. If you wanted to see a movie you went to a movie theater (sans fandango). No VHS, No DVD, No On Demand. (These people, played BRIDGE! and drank RYE! and who can blame them?)
7. My Fiancee was taking his first steps
8. I was wearing cloth diapers because pampers were still new and according to mom, outrageously expensive.
9. Mick Jagger, was already rich bastard. (talented, but he did study finance at the london school of economics folks)
10. The woman holding me, grandma, is still deeply missed.


Blogger schrodinger said...

That is so touching and wonderful. I'm sure you're glad that your Dad took so many pictures now, and isn't it great that photos can get a new lease of life in the digital world.

11:59 PM  
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