Thursday, June 22, 2006

Pretty things that inspire me now..

My Aunt Charlotte, who is an avid, accomplished quilter is making us a quilt for our wedding. This is the best wedding present I can possibly think of, and to be brutally honest, the first thought that came into my head after saying yes to my honey's proposal. (...."I wonder if Aunt Charlotte will make us a quilt).

She is!

And, now I have to pick out fabric, so I've been hunting around for good fabrics and stumbled onto these. They're too big for the quilt pattern I like, but boy are they perty.

All from reprodepot

Maybe I need to make pillows...


Anonymous Cassie said...

Score! Now there's a reason to get married!
(I'm kidding, really. I'm probably gonna do it for a cool colored KitchenAid mixer. You know, with the bread attachment.)

7:16 PM  

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