Sunday, March 05, 2006

Project Spectrum Spinning

exhibit a:

It's been calling from the stash. I've heard it softly, calling my name. It wouldn't stop. The hand dyed bats that I made in spinning class I've been itching (no pun intended, and no they're not itchy) to be spun up.

see exhibit a: talking bats: sfx: "cynthia you're ignoring me, I'm so pretty spin me, come on you know you want to")

They're colorful. And since color is my first love, fiber a second, and my boyfriend the third. (sorry baby). I've decided to join project spectrum. I'll be spinning these puppies for the month of march (red-pink month).

Red and pink are my favorite colors, (hence the hair dye) maybe this spectrum thing will help me to learn to love colors like, blue.


Anonymous Rebecca said...

hey - where'd you take your spinning class? thx!

11:39 PM  
Blogger Ms.Outback said...

Hey there,

I took my spinning class at The Yarn Tree in Williamsburg.

I've taken many classes there and they are great, relatively inexpensive, very thorough. Highly recomended.

I think class cost was $200? for 10 weeks, limited class size. (like 12 people?, not sure, but small enough that there's plenty of individual attention).

10:29 AM  

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