Sunday, March 19, 2006

The number 2==== Cursed.

This is the first sock from my 2nd pair of socks, simple, simple stockinette. I thought I would get sock construction basics down, then get all fancy.

Why is it that the simplest sounding things (basic stockinette stitch) can be the most annoying and complicated? 'cause you get cocky.

Pbbbffft, it's stockinette, I don't even have to think
Pbbbffft, I can race through it.
Pbbbffft, of course I don't have to stop every once in a while to count stitches, how can you possibly screw this up?

Well the sock said Pbbbffft back.
I actually knit this one sock, pretty much 2x I had to tink 2x, and frog majorly 2x. It's done, and I'm now onto the 2nd sock in the 2nd pair.

Given that I am now convinced the number 2 is cursed. I'm going very slowly.


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