Sunday, February 12, 2006

˚o˚o˚Advantage Team Igloo? ˚o˚o˚

Well looks like we're not going anywhere today. Our apartment looks like an igloo. It's a long skinny loft with two sets of narrow windows at the back end of the apartment, with a charming view of a the back of a theater and the worlds scariest allyway. All of the natural light comes from skylights, it's like we have a round doorway, and a little chimney. We live in an igloo, and from the looks of it, we'll be staying here for quite a while, unless we head to difara's for the hopes of having no line....fellow brooklyn knitters....don't get any ideas.

This skein was spun and plied during the first 5 episodes of "Lost" last night. Skein #3 of Baby Alpaca. woo hoo. Too bad it's not the spinning olympics.


Anonymous Parisa said...

Hi there! My name is Parisa and I am a 20 year old knitter from Ireland, currently studying at Berklee, College of Music in Boston. Phew! Long sentence! So I just wanted to say 'Hi' and tell you how annoyed I am that I didnt know about this whole Olympic knitting thing, only heard of it now and wish I was a part of it. I wonder if there is an Irish team...I love your Brooklyn badges, they're brilliant. I found your blog via Cassies blog, which I found because I have just started knitting up her pattern 'Tubey' from Anyway I just wanted to say 'Hi' and connect with some knitters since I don't know the knitting scene here to well. Thanks, px

3:46 PM  
Blogger Ms.Outback said...

hey there,
tried to write back, got de-nied,

dunno if you're aware but there's a tubey knit along going on ....

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Parisa said...

thanks for writing back. sorry 'bout the email confusion. I'd love to hear from you though. my email is

also thanks for the tubey info...don't know what a knit along is but I'm about to find out :)


1:20 PM  

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