Saturday, February 11, 2006

˚o˚o˚ KWI alert ˚o˚o˚

I went out with the beautiful and talented cassie last night, we knitted in a thai restaurant, and had the cursed third glass of wine (and it was my idea). That' s right 3 and I'm out, I managed to get a cuff in though. Before passing out on the couch with my unreliable overweight furry assistant.

There is a yarn over that was corrected in there, darn, but at least it was still workable. (slap) bad knitter. very bad.


Anonymous Cassie said...

After the cursed 3rd glass, I don't think I managed to knit a stitch, so that looks pretty impressive to me!

Actually, today I'm considering frogging. I am not feeling too Olympian right now.

8:51 AM  

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