Sunday, January 29, 2006

Progress (whew)

Let's see, yesterday it was almost 50 and sunny, a perfect day to walk around in a freakishly warm January.

But, nooooo. Someone on the verge of finishing her bada-bing scarf had to do the extra push to finish it. (Knitting is complete, it's been fulled, and is drying, still needs blocking). The recipient will model it for the blog — he's not aware of that yet.

What better to do while finishing a scarf made out of a llama nammed bada-bing? Of course, catch up on the Sopranos seasons you missed from your cheap days as a non cable subscriber.

Then, because you're almost done with season three, what better to do than ply that baby alpaca yarn on your spindle. Four ounces yeilded a LOT of yarn, the fiber is so light. This is a full plied skein, I can't imagine what would have happened if I had intended to keep it as a single. I still have enough for a whole 'nother skein.

Then your boyfriend returns home to find you still in your Pajamas watching Tony Soprano reluctantly bump off every member of the Aprille family and says, "YOU STILL HAVEN'T LEFT THE HOUSE?".

Uh, what gave that away? the pj's, the bed head, or the fact that I am talking like a Waste management consultant from North Jersey? Maron!


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