Monday, January 16, 2006

Bada Bing

My poor cold boyfriend still does not have his scarf. Can someone please anybody remind me NOT to knit a scarf on a size 7 again? That's what they make 10s for. 11s, 19s! This is made of Bada Bing (Bada Bing is the name of the llama, who's wool was sold at rheinbeck) — bada bing did not come cheap, this is his natural color — unlike my hair color — But If I run out, they promised to shave more of him and spin up more wool SWEET. It was lightweight, good for a 5 or 6, screw that, I went up to an 7 with a wool alpaca blend. Progress:: It's a good 50" long, only 30 more to go, That's a lot of trips to the laundry mat.


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